Clutches and Brakes

Warner Series

No.1 in basic performance

With legendary performance and reliability in countless field-proven installations, Warner clutches/brakes can handle your toughest tasks. In addition to automatic gap adjustment that established Warner's position, high torque and impressive thermal dissipation characteristics, we also provide a compact size and ease of mounting to make your next machine automation endeavor a success. As one of the best electromagnetic clutches/brakes, it can easily withstand heavy, high frequency operation while still allowing highly precise on/off times.


  1. Integrated automatic gap adjustment
    After mounting, even if the friction plate wears, trouble-some gap adjustment is not required.
  2. Asbestos-free facing
    Allows for usage where asbestos is prohibited, and provides excellent abrasion resistance and a long operating life.
  3. Highly versatile and easily installed
    Lightweight and compact, making installation easy.
  4. Easy mounting to shaft
    The mounting is simple and secured by our unique taper lock bush.
  5. Efficient thermal radiation

    Built to effectively dissipate friction heat, making it suitable for high frequency and heavy ON/OFF applications.

  6. Long operating life with low power consumption
    Its efficient design and exceptional build quality allows for long operating life and low power consumption.

Available Models


Clutch/brake unit

Clutch unit


Butt shaft clutch unit 


Clutch unit with V pully

Arm hold brake unit