Clutches and Brakes

Tooth Series

Correct torque transmission

A claw electromagnetic clutch which transmits torque by a direct linkage of the tooth plane. In addition to the characteristics usually found in a claw electromagnetic clutch (small, high torque and correct transmission), our unique tooth plane and tooth profile delivers incomparable transmission and disengagement characteristics. Additionally, with our unique tooth plane structure, we are able to create a "single position" clutch that mates only at one point on the circumference to enable correct, fixed position engagement and motion.


  1. Large torque transmission with a small body
    Small and high torque are both possible due to the claw tooth mating.

  2. Torque transmission with no slippage
    Correct operation which never slips during torque transmission.
  3. Zero drag torque
    Driving and load are completely separated when the power is cut off with no dragging.
  4. Can connect even during rotation
    Depending on the usage condition, it is possible to engage even during (relative) rotation.
  5. Fixed position connection and synchronous operation
    This single position clutch does not change its relative position after repeated connections and disconnections, so it is always connected at the proper position.
  6. It can be used both wet and dry
    Depending on the location and the purpose, it is possible to operate this clutch both wet and dry.

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Ball bearing attachment type



Coil static type