Clutches and Brakes

Dry Type Single Plate Tension Brakes

Smooth slip, friction method brakes

Our with friction method, dry-type single-plate electromagnetic brakes are best suited for tension control applications. To this end, we employ a custom friction plate and armature to achieve smooth slip characteristics, providing excellent power for paper, textile, film and electrical cable tension control applications. Using this brake in combination with other widely available tension control equipment allows you to develop an ideal low-cost solution.


  1. Smooth slip characteristics
    By using a custom friction plate and armature, we are able to obtain smooth slip characteristics.
  2. Wide range of torque control
    It is possible to achieve a Minimum torque to maximum torque ratio of between 1:20 and 1:200.
  3. Excellent abrasion resistance
    Our dedicated slip service friction plate allows for increased abrasion resistance, and therefore increased operating life.
  4. Large thermal radiation capability
    The armature has good thermal dissipation capability, easily allowing continuous slip operation.

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