“Products of various businesess”
support the future with a global view.

Global Environment is now at a turning point.
The forefront of manufacturing requires not only contribution to the evolution of society and industries, but onto eco-friendly products and technologies.
SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY embraces “new value connections” for the future based on its unique motion and energy control technology.

Sinfonia was established in 1917, and with electromagnetic control technology as the core itself, provides various products from clean transport devices, electrical components for space rockets, testing systems, vibrating equipment, small motors, electromagnetic clutchs/brakes and to printer systems. They are based on the own technologies, such as motion control and energy control.

Today, Sinfonia applys the technologies cultivated in the various fields, keeps contributing for the further social progress to develop the products used from "Regenerative medicine", "Logistics" and "Agriculture" sectors.

Main Business Unit

Clean Transport Systems

Product line up in wide range that supports semiconductor production miniaturizing with more values


300mm Wafer Vacuum Transport Robot, N2 purge 300mm FOUP 
Load Port, 300mm N2 EFEM, etc.

Testing Systems

Supporting the evolving development of next generation vehicles with the cutting-edge technology


High speed dynamometers (25,000r/min), Large-capacity/High-speed Dynamometer, Power train testers, etc.

Vibrating Equipment

Pioneer of vibrating equipment 
to respond to various needs 
in industries of food, chemical, iron, recycling


Vibrating drier and cooler, Vibrating screen, Water-resistant small
electromagnetic feeder, etc.

Parts Feeders

Systematic parts supply and transfer systems that support the construction 
of stable production lines


Dual-motion parts feeder, High speed Parts feeder「RESOTECH™」, Vibrating transporting table「Triplate®」, etc.

Industrial Infrastructure

Supporting industrial equipment for reduction of environmental load and sustainable society


Cryogenic submerged motors, Lifting magnet for scrap metal handling, Self-propelled type ground power unit for aircraft maintenance

Civil Infrastructure

To support people’s fulfilled living 
and the comfortable future 
harmonizing environment in the future


Central monitoring system for waterworks and sewage work, Plant factory system using only artificial light, Emergency private power generation equipment, etc.


High technology and products utilized in special environments from ocean to the outer space


Thrust vector control electrical actuator system, Control Systems for Mouse Habitat Unit, etc.

Motion Systems

Highly-precision actuator that can be applied to FA, precision equipment and next-generation vehicles


DD motors, Active mass dampers for automobile use, In-wheel motor, etc.

Transportation and Power Control Systems

Advanced transportation and power control systems that support 
safe and comfortable operation and traffic infrastructures


Speed generators for rolling stock  (tacho-generators and speed sensors), Brake control units for rolling stock (brake controllers and electrical pressure regulators), etc.

Industrial Transportation

Special airport and industrial vehicles that play a vital role of transportation, from airports and seaports to warehouses


Container pallet loader, Passenger step, Molten metal carrier, Side-loading forklift, etc.

Printer System

Expanding the realm of possibilities in print and visual media with cutting-edge printers


Photo booth, Large-capacity, lightweight digital photo printer Color Stream S3, Card/ID printer CHC-C300 series, etc.

Clutches and Brakes

Products that respond to needs from wide range of areas such as industrial 
robots, semiconductor transportation machineries and automotives.


General industrial electromagnetic clutches and brakes, Ultra-compact
electromagnetic brakes, Slim brakes, etc.


Regenerative medicine

We aim for regenerative medicine for each patient


Automate the transport of goods from manufacturing processes to hospitals and warehouses


Working on technology/product development in agricultural area focusing on the future of “food”