Clutches and Brakes


Butt shaft clutch unit

Build-to-order product

This is a clutch unit which single wamer clutch is installed on compact bracket. Installation is easy as EP type/EPS type because of input and output shaft is included.

Model CLC-1525HT
Static friction torque Nm 1800
Rated voltage DC-V 24
Power consumption W (at 75゚C) 143
Weight kg 203

1. The direct coupling must be used for the CLC-1525HT
2. An option available for dust proof cover made of vinyl chloride
3. The installed clutch and brake are customized for CLC series

Unit: mm

Diameter direction
A 446
B 170
C 233
D 456
E 95
G 26
H 461
I 521
Shaft direction
L 682
M 372
N 146
O 141
P 341
R 199
Z 26
Shaft edge
Q 137
QK 120
d 75
b 20
h 13
t 7


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