Clutches and Brakes

Permanently Closed Type

The power of a permanent magnet

Instead of the usual spring, our non-excitation electromagnetic brakes utilize a strong permanent magnet, allowing us to offer high performance. In addition to incredibly fast response times, we are also able to create a forced stop after the brake is released, making this ideal for use as a safety or emergency brake. Furthermore, we have included the same automatic gap adjustment found in our "Warner" series, and a hassle-free design that does not require adjustment after assembly.


  1. Excellent response time
    By utilizing a strong permanent magnet, we are able to achieve incredible response times.
  2. Asbestos-free facing
    An asbestos-free friction plate facing offers the safety you require while dramatically increasing abrasion resistance.
  3. Ideally suited for emergency brakes
    Our strong permanent magnet engages immediately after power is removed, allowing for exceptional safety.
  4. High heat dissipation capability
    Able to perform under heavy, high frequency cycling due to the large thermal radiation structure.
  5. Gap adjustment is not required
    Due to the inclusion of our unique auto gap mechanism, you will never have to make adjustments after assembly. (except models which use a leaf spring)
  6. Zero backlash (applies to models which use a leaf spring)
    Our leaf spring designs eliminate backlash in the direction of rotation.

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