Clutches and Brakes

Sel C&B Series

Trend-setting new Sel C&B

A truly state of the art product whose performance and reliability sets it apart from other electromagnetic clutches/brakes. Through the use of our revolutionary "zero backlash auto gap technology" we are able to achieve unparalleled precision and operating life in an easily implemented dry-type single-plate driving electromagnetic clutches/brakes. Additionally, we have included innovations such as an asbestos-free facing on the friction plate, which meets and exceeds expectations with superior motion control performance. Our customer satisfaction thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.


  1. Driven by a leaf spring with an integrated automatic gap adjustment
    Our original auto gap equipment experiences no backlash and does not require adjustment.
    *PATENT NO 1538370.
  2. Rapid response and precise operation
    Ideal torque is immediately achieved by utilizing "a high efficiency magnetic circuit".
  3. Excellent thermal radiation capability
    We have increased the radiation capability by more than several 10% by including a radial fan with a large airflow rate flange.
  4. Silent, vibration-free housing
    By using a silent, composite plate housing, we were able to prevent unnecessary vibrations, allowing for silent operation.
  5. Asbestos-Free Facing
    Abrasion resistance is increased 30% with a safe, asbestos-free facing.
  6. Free mounting orientation
    You are able to mount it vertically, horizontally or on an incline.

Available Models



Through shaft clutch



Butt shaft clutch



Clutch/brake unit


Butt shaft clutch/brake unit