Clutches and Brakes


External hub brake

Despite its unique thin design, this clutches/brakes is fully capable, allowing flexibility in your demanding designs such as easy mounting, small space etc. By utilizing a durable custom leaf spring, we are able to provide high precision, rapid response and ideal operating characteristics. This product truly offers exceptional size, with high performance and ease of mounting, allowing us to recommend its implementation in any kind of machine motion controls.

Model NB-2.5C
Static friction torque Nm 25
Rated voltage DC-V 24
Power consumption W (at 75°C) 17
Weight kg 1.5

The adapter is not used for the NB-2.5C type and later models.

Unit: mm

Diameter direction
A 110
A1 90
A2 40
C 110
D1 135
D2 52
I 100
Shaft direction
L1 52.9
L2 39.5
M 21
N 2
P 24
Q1 28.9
Q2 12.9
g 0.2 0+0.1
K 6
Z P.C.D 122
Hole diameter 6.5
Shaft hole
d 20
b 5
t 22


Information obtained from CAD data should be treated as reference only, except for the dimensions shown.
Please note that bolt and tap positions may change.

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Power box

High frequency controller


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