Clutches and Brakes


Naturally Cooled Micro Particle Brake

We use a special magnetic powder to transmit and control the torque on this series of clutches/brakes. The original powder and advanced structural design create incomparable performance in torque control and slip usage. Our unique materials and manufacturing expertise produce a high quality, nearly spherical powder, which dramatically improves the performance and reliability of our product, truly making this the ideal powder clutch/brake.

Model PMB-5
Rated torque Nm 0.5
Rated voltage DC-V 24
Power consumption W (at 20°C) 6
Mass kg 0.35

Unit: mm

Diameter direction
C 65
C1 56
C2 43h9
C3 6g7
D 46
L 56
Shaft direction
M 27.5
N 25.5
O 3
P 2.5
Shaft end
Q1 22.3
Q2 20
t 5.5


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