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Leaf spring system clutch

Build-to-order product

This electromagnetic clutch was specifically designed to be paired with engines. Whether it is used for mechanical power transmission, or the power branching and control system used to drive an engine, you can always expect durable, reliable performance. It uses a solid leaf spring driving system to eliminate engine-specific vibration, shock and torque pulsation and its versatile, compact size allows for easy mounting within even the tightest project constraints. It is widely used to drive engine-based agriculture, civil engineering and transportation machines.

Model SF-1525HHT/BMF
Static friction torque Nm 3000
Rated voltage DC-V 24
Power consumption W (at 75゚C) 143
Weight kg 65

Unit: mm

Diameter direction
A 390
A1 345
B 400.8
D1 124
G 228
H 210
Shaft direction
L 161
M 58.7
N 6
O 79.2
O1 57
P 9.6
Q 55
R 106
X 1.0
g 1.0
AJ Number 12
P.C.D 156
Bolt M12×35
Shaft hole
d 90
b 24
t 98


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