Parts Feeders

C9 Series


Digital Control for Revolutionary Delivery of Micro-sized Parts

This new digital controller represents a major advance in the control of high frequency mini parts feeders for delivery of electronic chips and other micro-sized parts. Auto-tuning makes frequency adjustment unnecessary, and with its convenient digital settings and display it enables high frequency mini parts feeders to be operated to their full potential.



Unit: mm


Model C9-03VFTC
Input  Power Souce AC100~230±10% 50/60Hz
Output Control system PWM system
Voltage 0~95V
Vibration Frequency Full wave: 90~180Hz High frequency: 180~360Hz
Max. current 0.6A
Auto-tuning mode Automatically senses particular vibration frequencies of parts feeder or linear feeder and controls drive at that frequency
Constant amplitude mode Digital setting for amplitude
Amplitude controlled to be uniform by means of amplitude sensor
Speed switching Amplitude adjustable with outer signal
(max. 4settings)
Start/Stop control Start/stop control by external signal
Overflow control Sensor allows parts feeder overflow control
On/off delay: Variable, 0.2~60 secs
Sensor power source DC12V, Ma. 80mA for 3phase socket plug
Output signal Output signal synchronized to operation of parts feeder
Soft start Variable, 0.2~0.4 secs

Noise tolerant voltage

Above 1,000V
Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Ambient humidity 10~90% (no condensation)
Case color Gray (Japan paint manufacturers association: S2-1006)
Weight 1.6kg
Our compatible Parts feeders HME-08C, HME-14, ME-08C, ME-14C, HSE-14
Our compatible Linear feeders

LFB-02,04, HLFB-02,04C, LF-02,04