Parts Feeders

Linear Feeder

Realizing More Stable Handling by Flexible lnstallation and Combination.

By equipping variable frequency digital controller, spring and core gap setting is no longer necessary. Therefore, usability has highly improved and installation and position adjustment became very easy. Moreover, applicable range has become broader because maximum chute weight and maximum overhanging is improved. This is not only easy to use but also powerful, small, and light. Therefore, it is applicable for any working places.

Model List

LFBR Series

Low-reaction force linear feeder with less floor reaction

LFB Series

Uniform vibration with no need for adjustment

LFG Series

Accommodates a wide range of chutes for ideal conveyance

LF Series

Simple and compact. Handles a wide range of micro-sized and precision parts

MF Series

Compact yet powerful, for speedy delivery and versatile, longer distance conveyance

LF Series

Swift, stable conveyance of high volumes of large workpieces


Ideal vibration characteristics to cut bouncing


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