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Direct Drive Motor Z series

Many variations available to meet every need!

ABS 光学式エンコーダ アブソリュート方式、INC 光学式エンコーダ インクリメンタル方式
150枠 Basic Series
225枠 Flat Series
300枠 Middle Range Series
600枠 High Torque Series


  • Wide product selection
    Line-up with maximum torque range of 15 to 2,000 Nm.
  • Large hollow diameter
    Large hollow diameter allows easy component placement.
  • Inertia ratio exceeding 1,000 times
    *Please contact us for information on specific load conditions.
  •  Improved environmental resistance and maintainability
    Motor torque can be transmitted directly to the driven object without using mechanical parts such as reduction gears. This makes it ideal for use in a clean environment.
  • Highly flexible and easily customized
    Precise surface and axial runout, built-in support, variable motor capacity, and vacuum compatibility.
  • Compatible with a variety of networks
    Available amplifiers provide compatibility with a wide range of networks including EtherCAT, RTEX, and SSCNETIII/H.
    * ETHERCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.
    * Realtime Express and RTEX are registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.
    * SSCNETIII/H is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Short delivery time possible
    Please consult us regarding large projects.

Large hollow diameter

Inertia ratio exceeding 1,000 times


O.D. 150 Basic Series

Low cost version

O.D. 225 Flat Series

The thinnest class in the industry

O.D. 300 Middle Range Series

New series that combines torque and thinness

O.D. 600 High Torque Series

High torque and high rigidity version High torque series to support heavy equipment

Servo amplifier (driver)

An easy and more efficient way to control Direct Drive Motors thanks to a high reliability and most performing servo-driver.

A6 Series
J4 Series
ALPHA7 Series

Specialized Applications

Direct Drive Motor Specialized Applications.

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